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Randy Pliler, JT Real Estate

My company, JT Real Estate, is a property investment and management corporation of which I am a principle. We have been using Jory Burton for all of our real estate transactions since late 2005.

We have been involved in 14 successful sales transactions including both buying and selling of properties. Several transactions required backing out of the transaction due to unforeseen conditions or discoveries that would not allow us to modify or use the property as planned. We have also been involved in 9 lease transactions and some of these transactions required backing out of due to confidential circumstances that did not allow publication of reasons. Almost all of these transactions required a high level of confidential issues; either a high profile client (end user) or a situation, which did not allow Jory to talk or to market the client or transaction. All were handled with his full support. This is most definitely not true of other agents we attempted to use in the past. Property sales required special security and advertising limitations as well as screening of viewers entering the property. All were done with success and knowledge of the market place.

Jory has been asked to go beyond that which is customary, drop everything and even return from vacation to participate in a transaction. He has always been available and kept our clients identities confidential. We call on him at a moments notice and he remains available.